How the system works

Precision Inflation LLC’s central tire inflation system is a simple and inexpensive system that allows farmers to comfortably adjust the tire pressure from the driver’s seat while on the road or in the field.

The system consists of a hydraulic-powered compressor and a control box in the cab. The control box is preset with a road pressure and a field pressure recommended by the tire industry, so that it takes just a few minutes to inflate or deflate each tire.

Pneumatically controlled check valves only pressurize lines when changing tire pressures. Equipment equalizes pressures across the axle within ½ psi! Highly durable equipment averages 10,000 hours of operation with original seals. Once the system reaches the proper pressure, the check valve shuts off the air to the tire, so the air in the line goes to zero. There is no pressure on the seals, no pressure on the line, so there is no worry about leaking.

The system also makes it easy to adjust tire pressures on-the-go right in the field. Dial the pressure down if you’re coming up on sandy or wet ground to hopefully go through without getting stuck or making deep wheel ruts. If you’re spraying and planting at the same time and losing weight as you go along, adjust for that as well by decreasing the pressure.

Without having to stop and get off the equipment, operators can drive with low tire pressure in the field for maximum soil protection and also drive safely on the road for saving fuel and tire wear.

The driver chooses the target pressure on the control box (continuous adjustment), and the controls immediately begin to adjust the pressure in all tires. Target and actual values are shown on the respective manometers permanently. The working lines are fed through telescopic hoses, where the clearance to the mudguards can be adjusted individually.

The working lines are connected to the rotary unions with quick coupling valves, so the lines can be disconnected easily when not in use and stored in the parking couplings on the mudguards.